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Rosary Wallet is a virtual wallet to store chaplet prayer cards with Novena.

Add chaplets of your choice, create your own personal chaplet or even a simple chaplet for the kids to practice praying rosary.

Customize your wallet by setting all your favorite chaplets like Marian Rosary, Divine Mercy, Holy Wounds, Seven Sorrows of our Lady or any other chaplet (s). Maintain different chaplet collections in different devices.

Key Features:

★  Use the wallet to pray Chaplet of your choice or chaplet dedication specific to the month.

★ Includes 4 chaplets (mysteries) of Marian Rosary.  Free version has additional 2 default chaplets which can be edited to any of your favorite chaplet.

★ In addition to Marian Rosary, you can add any other chaplets and in PRO version with up to 15 groups and maximum of 40 beads per group. The list of some chaplets is mentioned in the help section within the app.

★ Set Novena for the chaplet.

★ Pray the chaplet using the virtual rosary and in PRO version this can be customized for each chaplet.

★ Set an image for the chaplet prayer card from your images collection.

★ Edit only the specific beads for the chaplet. Common rosary prayers for the beads will be loaded automatically when creating a new chaplet.

★ Edit prayers for a chaplet in any language supported by your device.

★ Editable template for common prayers like Our Father, Hail Mary,.. so that it can be edited for specific language.

★ Backup/restore chaplets and settings.

★ Use volume keys of your device to navigate through the beads or use your fingers just like on an original rosary.

★ Bead navigation with optional sound cues and/or vibration (different for decade and small beads). Forward and backward navigation.

★ Resumes where you left off when you return.


PRO Features:

★ Add any number of chaplets. Add chaplet with up to 15 groups and maximum of 40 beads per group

★ Soothing background music choices (can be turned off).

★ Optional Audio recitation of the prayers as per text-to-speech (TTS) options of your device. Set TTS to specific language of chaplet,if supported.

★ Pray a chaplet at any time of day , any place – be it while in car or walking through the nature. Assign navigation responsibility to the app (auto-play). Connect headphones, switch on auto-play, keep phone in your pocket and pray along with device voice. Helps to concentrate on prayer rather than on counting beads.

★ Want different rosary design? – customize rosary from choices of cross, beads, chains and centers (medal). You can also set different designs for each chaplet instead of default design i.e., you can set red-white rosary for Divine Mercy Chaplet, white rosary for Holy Spirit Chaplet and so on…


Do you want to pray rosary in language other than English which is available and supported by your device? Add Chaplet to the wallet in other  language by pasting/typing (eg., Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese,.. -> whichever available and supported by your device).

PRO -> Set text-to-speech options also to the specific language (if supported by device) and hear the prayer in that language.

Note. All beads within a group use the same prayer. But each group can have different set of prayers.

This app is not supposed to replace original rosary.

See Privacy Policy


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